Brian Sieger

Brian works with energy, acupressure, and the Emotion Code. Working with the body’s energy to allow improved flow in the body for better healing. This may include versions of Qi Gong, Healing Touch and Reiki. Acupressure and light touch may be used to loosen muscles, ligaments and fascia. Energy balancing is always done before you get out the chair at the end of a session.

Brian is co-owner and lead instructor at the Martial Arts Center of Oregon. Brian has many years experience working with health and energy including:
• 20 plus years of suffering from Migraines now pain free
• Over 20 years in health related experience
• 14 years of providing energy healing
• 14 years of Qigong an Tai Chi experience
• VP of operations of International Shaolin Kempo Karate Association

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