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Double Terminated Smoky Quartz

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Smoky quartz promotes purification, dispels negativity, removes dense energies, supports clearing of spaces/auras/energies fields, and brings balance and grounding. It is believed to counter the effects of EMF's as well as offset the effects of sunburn and radiation treatments.

Check out these smoky quartz we brought back from Tucson! This was an exceptional find because these are naturally smoky and naturally double terminated (point on both ends). Often smoky quartz has been heat treated to enhance the color. There is nothing wrong with this but these grew this way in nature and each has it’s own unique quality. It is even more rare to find them naturally double terminated.

So what's the big deal? Smoky quartz is a great tool for protecting one by absorbing negative energy. The addition of double termination allows one to not only absorb the negative energy but to also redirect it. Making these an ideal tool for transforming and transmuting energies.

So whether you are a healing practitioner or on a personal journey of discovery, these are a great addition to your crystal tool kit.

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