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  • Doris

A Quiet Transition

Updated: May 1

Much to my displeasure, I recently found myself with a case of Covid.

Being a consistent masker, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of personal failure and disappointment because I hadn’t been sick with anything for the past six years.

I stared in disbelief at the two solid lines on that Covid stick as my spouse gasped and quickly backed away from me. In that moment of horror and defeat, I didn’t know that Covid would end up providing me with a wonderfully different perspective.

My Covid symptoms were the same as my allergy symptoms with a little extra kick so I lulled myself into a false sense of security that things would blow over in three, maybe four days tops.

Miraculously, my spouse tested negative and very much wanted to stay that way. So, I decided to weather my isolation in the confines of the bedroom rather than infect the entire basement level.

That was a mistake. I tested positive for another twelve days.

Each positive test result was like a punch to the solar plexus until finally I became numb and gave up hope of ever leaving that room, never to be normal again. In that submission to my own darkness something very interesting happened. I believe I started to connect with myself in a new and meaningful way.

I lived through the isolation of Covid when it first hit along with everyone else, but I had not been sequestered in a room alone. I cannot recall any time in my life where I was genuinely alone for this length of time.

After I let go of being annoyed, I settled into a state of quiet surrender to the situation. I slept, I ate, I rested, I did nothing, no one asked anything of me and I had nowhere to go. My only responsibility was to just be me and I let it be okay.

I was unaware of any transformative effect the situation was having on me at the time and in fact, I was getting a little testy towards the end. But finally, the day came when the test strip came up negative and I was free, free, free!

The weather had cleared up, the sun was out and I spent time outdoors for the next couple days. That was when I began to notice some changes.

During my walks through the neighborhood, I began to experience deep heart-felt feelings towards humanity, my work, my employees and my physical form, to name a few.

I felt a deep connection and caring for all humans, as if we were all one family. At my business I felt a rich gratitude for the fact that it has given me a sense of purpose all these years. My appreciation towards the staff and their commitment over the years washed over me with potency. I felt so thankful that my body was still in good shape and allowed me to move about without pain or instability.

So many warm feelings were blossoming like flowers within my form that I didn’t know if they were new feelings or had been there all along and I just hadn’t connected to them until now. Of course I had thought these things, I just never felt them in my body like this before. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

I am no stranger to feeling ‘bad’ stuff, but all this ‘good’ stuff was strange. I felt like my body had suddenly come alive.

It was then that I remembered something I had read about humanity’s transition into the Aquarian age. It read that during the Aquarian age, humanity would develop something called ‘right-relating’ or healthy relating based on respect and constructive purpose.

The interesting part of the writing was discussion on how that change would come about and it was understood that people will naturally, based on evolutionary processes, start to feel differently.

Since those first days of freedom from my isolation, I have continued to notice that something is different now. The world feels different to me but often in a subtle, can’t put your finger on it, way.

Perhaps the time I spent with myself created an opportunity to connect with the new energies and intelligence of the body. I know it probably sounds weird but I think my journey with my inner-self is just beginning, and it feels like a gift.

How ironic that I owe my inner-bonding time to Covid.

I believe people all over the world are being stimulated by the new Aquarian energies to feel differently and the great thing is that the new feelings seem to be empowering, energizing, unifying and uplifting.

Even though it will take time for things to change on the world stage, people can begin to feel better about themselves and enhance their sense of enjoyment of life if they can start to consciously connect to these higher energies that may already be activated within their form.

Our lives are often so busy that we lack time to quiet ourselves and connect to something deeper within ourselves.

How we connect to these new energies may be different for each of us, but I would encourage everyone to make the inward journey and connect to their own new feelings and sensations.


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