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DeEtte Ranae

DeEtte is a psychic medium, medical intuitive and a teach of psychic and mediumship development from Wisconsin.


DeEtte was born a knowing spirit. She spent her childhood listening to spirits and simply knowing things.


In 2005, DeEtte began studying energy and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. She found a love of helping those with illness live a more enjoyable life and for others, a return to health. She has spent the past 10 years developing her own style – broadening from physical healing to body, mind and spirit.


In 2013, she moved to the North Woods of Wisconsin and began a spiritual journey of healing and growth. She transformed her life through her studies of psychic and mediumship. She found a love of working with spirit and became certified in advanced psychic and advanced mediumship through LWISSD.


DeEtte travels the country doing readings for gallery events and has a passion for helping others to heal and to guide people on their life path.

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