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Hourglass Amethyst

Chakra:    Crown, Third Eye, Heart

Color:      Clear with lavender/purple. Often has lavendard phantom in each termination

Location: Arkansas, Brazil


master teacher ~ connect with divine spirit, source, creator ~ balance ~understanding ~ efficiency

bridges wisdom of Spirit with wisdom of Heart ~ self reflection ~ compassion for others ~ freedom within group

Hourglass amethyst stimulates the higher mind making one aware of their connection to a greater wisdom and can aid one with staying connected for longer periods. It supports finding balance through understanding. One will begin to see value in opposing ideas, or view points, and will recognize where common ground may be found.

As its hourglass shape implies, it is useful for understanding time and how to become more efficient. One will more easily see which actions are useful and which are pointless. From a spiritual perspective this helps one ensure they remain on the path and don’t get side tracked by things that are entertaining but not valuable.


When worked with in meditation, hourglass amethyst forms a bridge between the wisdom of Spirit and the wisdom of the Heart Center. It connects the higher mind with the light body making us consciously aware of who we are, what we desire, what we believe and how we behave. This is a great tool for self reflection.


In relationships, hourglass amethyst amplifies love and compassion for self and for others through a higher understanding of what is important. One begins to see the beauty in the other and the value of meeting them in the middle. One recognizes that they are free to move in their own space and yet have a common point of grace and love where both feel connected yet free.

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