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Paul Hutto

Paul uses a combination of Clairvoyance (seeing past, present, and possible future), Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairsenciant (clear sensing), psychometry (the ability to get vibrations off objects), mediumship to bring in information for the person that they may want or need to know to adjust or change their lives in a more positive way.   


“I start my readings by bringing in divine white light.  The information given to me comes from what I  believe is a pure source of light and love.  I pray that myself and the person receiving the reading are  protected with God’s love and light.  I believe the information that comes through me is brought through to enable the person to empower themselves so they may make changes in their physical life, but also on their spiritual path, so that they may complete or learn what they came into the world to do. All my readings are given at what I see in their lives at the moment they sit down, the individual has free will” and has the power to change anything that may have been said, hopefully with information the change will be in a positive and productive way.”

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