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Solaris Healing Grid

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

A Grid to Knock Anxiety, Boost Our Immune System, and Elevate Trust

Made with compassion and optimism, this grid was fashioned to help address some of

the obstacles that are arising during this unprecedented time. Central to the grid is an amazing Solaris Quartz crystal. Chosen not only because it brings about joy and happiness, but also it’s also a fabulous immune system booster!

Radiating in six directions from the Solaris Quartz are Blue Smoke Quartz points, picked for their ability to calm and smooth the emotional body. To the east and west of the Solaris are two endearing teardrop shaped Blue Scheelites. By lowering stress and tension, Blue Sheelite creates inner peace and stability.

Tumbled Sheelites have also been placed between the Blue Smoke Quartz points.

Emanating outward from the Blue Smoke Quartz points are smaller Solaris Quartz crystals, followed by Angelite hearts or palm stones. Angelite offers serenity while helping one to speak their truth.

Lazurites precede the Sheelites. Lazurites were chosen for a plethora of reasons. Foremost, it clears the throat of blocked energy, as well as, reducing fear, anxiety and anger!

The outer band of the grid is finished with the grounding stones Indigo Gabbro and Hematite. Indigo Gabbro is another powerful immune system booster, and helps the body heal. It is wonderful for stabilizing when there is a lot of chaotic energy. Last but not least are the Hematite stones, which offer support during times of adversity. Hematite gives us strength, fortitude, courage and above all helps us to trust that we will over come this complication.

The stones have been choreographed to resonate with three specific Chakras to help balance the physical body.

· The Root Chakra to ground, stabilize and protect.

· The Solar Plexus Chakra for longevity and physical health.

· The Throat Chakra to alleviate fear, anxiety and anger by calming and soothing the emotions.


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