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Rainbow Obisdian

Chakra:    Root

Color:      Black with rainbow reflections when held to sunlight

Location: Mexicon


Grounding ~ Protection ~ Optimism ~ Hope ~ Alleviates depression ~ Illumination

Emotional Protection ~ Removes dense energetic blockages ~ Grounding light into aura

Identify root cause of issues ~ Bridges darkness into light ~ Healing emotional issues


Rainbow obsidian is an excellent stone for protecting the aura and removing energetic attachments. Have you ever felt like something globed onto you and put you in a funk? Rainbow obsidian can assist with identify the source of these attachments and removing them from the emotional body. 

Rainbow obsidian creates a connection or bridge that allows light to arc into the emotional body. This can provide one with a sense of hope, optimism and illumination. It radiates a soft, supportive, loving energy that will uplift one’s heart. Light pours into one’s emotional body making one feel supported and loved.
Rainbow obsidian can also assist with emotional healing. It opens the door to insights into our emotions and how they impact our day-to-day lives. Through these insights depression may be alleviated and dense energetic blockages may be removed.

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