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October 13th from 12:30-4pm

Featuring DeEtte Ranae

A Call to Liberty

While watching the evening news this month, I found it strange that the coverage of the Alabama State Legislature’s banning of women’s rights to abortion just happened to coincide with our country’s celebration of its independence from England. 


I couldn’t shake the feeling that something in this picture was really wrong. I felt deeply conflicted about these two things.


On one hand, our country is celebrating its hard-won freedom from tyranny and oppression. On the other, people in government are working tirelessly to take away a woman’s personal rights in regard to her uterus. It didn’t seem right that these two things exist in the same space.


I was struck by a sudden clarity that in America, we only have the idealism of freedom and equality, not the reality of it. After 200 years, we should be further along on the freedom train than this.

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