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grey labradorite

The Magic of Labradorite

Labradorite is most commonly known for its magic and divination qualities. It activates one's inner eye providing insight into the past, present, and future.


But did you know it is also an excellent stone for understanding and respecting that which seems opposite?


It allows one to see polar extremes clearly and find a place of balance between the two. It is through this insight that one can find true strength; the power to understand that even things which seem to be at odds can work together to find a point of balance or agreement. 


This can be useful when relating with others as it will assist one with feeling compassion for even those with extreme views and respecting that they have a right to those views. It can also be helpful when working with our own personal growth as it assists with seeing our positive and negative aspects, understanding how they server us, and finding a healthy point of balance. Can you think of anyone who could benefit from this tool today?

Checkout this interesting video about the
relationship of Devas and Angels to humanity

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