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Robin Blakey

With divine love Robin delivers messages in which “Spirit tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.” As a medium she also connects strongly to pets and animals here on earth and in spirit. Robin is able to act as a bridge for communicating with loved ones and with Spirit. 

As a natural healer and empath, Robin shares techniques that work for clients and encourages self discovery and self healing. 


Animal Communications:


What are the benefits of a session?

 Connect with pets here on Earth or in the Spirit World.
Understand how your pet feels.
Get their input on helping them transition to the Spirit world.
Find out what your pet likes and dislikes (pet sitter, food, bed, etc.)
Understand behavioral issues; why are they doing what they are doing.
Gain insight into health problems.
(Insight should never be a substitute for veterinarian care or consultation)

Do I bring my animal?

Your pet should not attend a session at Peaceful Heart.

Time or distance is not a barrier.

Photos of pets are helpful, but not necessary. 

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