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When in Doubt

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The poem below was written one morning when I was questioning my purpose. It’s helpful to recognize that we all have doubts at times and what's important is what we do with doubt. A teacher of mine taught me a very simple exercise to use when we are struggling emotionally. Look up! Look to the sky and you will be surprise how it brings calm and clarity.

I Know It's Alright

by John Deits

I woke up this morning, fearful of life

Wondered “why am I here, this can’t be right”

It’s hard to be free, it’s hard to be bound

It’s hard to be me, least that’s what I’ve found

Can’t live for tomorrow and the promise it holds

Can’t live for what was that story’s been told

All that I’ve been through, all that I’ve done

Amounts to so little when the Kingdom has come

Today is my time, this is my moment

To be who I am, a time of atonement

Let go of my burden, step away from my past

Take hold of my purpose, the die is now cast

Unbound by false limits, I open my heart

I draw on the wisdom and the two shall not part

I look at myself and I see the Light

I feel the Love and I know It’s alright

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