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  • Doris

A Change of Mind

Updated: May 1

The one constant in life is change and this year is no different, but the choice is ours on whether or not we are going to cooperate with making necessary changes that will result in a more constructive expression for ourselves and others.

Many of us are faced with our own sense of inner conflict and people are left with the realization that things are not working anymore. Humanity is under pressure to make changes for the better but the desire to change is often fought by our inner belief structure which does not like change.

We can feel lost or in a state of confusion with these psychological conflicts.

If we can consciously recognize and admit that there are certain things in our lives that are not working, we can make a plan and choose a more constructive path or action.

When we feel uncertain or threatened, our first reaction is to look at outer situations or people as the problem. We tend to lash out in irritation or anger, or we go towards depression and a sense of victimhood. These are outward reactions to an inner turmoil.

It’s no surprise that shootings are up, drug use is up and suicide is increasing again. People are under pressure to change but confused about what to do.

The challenge is to look within ourselves, at our beliefs and judgments for the things that need to change, for this is where the true problem lies.

As a country, our mental health seems to be in shambles. Perhaps it’s because we as a collective do not relate in a healthy or constructive manner.

One of the seven tenets of the new age is Inclusiveness. Meaning, every human has an innate desire to be accepted for who they are and to feel a sense of belonging, but this concept is not nurtured or valued within our society past the age of six. After that, it’s a Lord of the Flies mentality that takes over and this has to change because it’s too negative of an expression.

If we don’t believe we deserve to be loved or feel we lack a basic goodness, then we will be under pressure to let go of this false belief. The idea that we are not enough cannot exist in the new energies we find ourselves. This pressure we are all feeling to change our negative opinions of ourselves is to help with our own evolution.

Old destructive value systems only serve to psychologically isolate ourselves from each other, leaving us to feel alone, unwanted and unappreciated. This is deadly thinking and it is a cancer in our society, but we can change it.

If we challenge the belief that we aren’t good enough or that other people are less valuable than we are, we can replace it with a more constructive attitude, one that values ourselves and others.

It may sound simple, to let go of our negative self-talk and judgments but it’s not so easy to do when our entire society seems to be based on critical assessments.

We are constantly criticizing everything all the time. We are taught to criticize and it is how we relate to each other. When we look at ourselves, we see what we are not doing or not doing well or not doing as well as others. This serves no one and is self-defeating but at the same time it is so automatic that we scarcely notice it is happening.

To acknowledge that we all have value, we all belong here and we all want the same things is to embrace the energies of Inclusiveness. It will also challenge every judgement and prejudice within our psyche.

Of course, we cannot work towards inclusiveness without cooperation. ‘My way or the highway,’ doesn’t work anymore. Choosing an attitude like ‘How can we get through this together,’ serves a constructive purpose of unity and it is starting to happen.

When NFL player Damar Hamlin went into cardiac arrest on the field, fellow players from both teams were overcome with emotion on the field and people all over the country were deeply touched by what happened. So many people came together to offer support for this one young man. I have never seen anything like it before. Some would say they witnessed a miracle. Others would say this is how the divine energy of

inclusiveness moves through humanity. We just feel a connection with others. This was a beautiful display of unity and inclusiveness.

We are all capable of rewriting our negative programming if we look for a new way to think about ourselves and each other.


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