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  • Doris

Happy New Year 2021!

Updated: May 1

Almost everyone I know is looking forward to a better 2021 in hopes that most of the worst is behind us and the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is on the way.

But before we say a final farewell to the challenges of 2020, I believe it's important to reflect on how we have grown or have been changed by the events of last year at an inner level.

Consider what has changed about your outlook on the world, democracy, your family, friends, health care, schools and career choices.

We must be the ones to acknowledge our own growth and the wisdom acquired through effort and experience. It brings us a sense of value and worth that we can contribute to the common good.

When we see our value, we start to see the value in all things and our lives take on a meaningfulness that we may otherwise overlook.

For me the last year brought a huge shift within my own sense of caring for others. I have never felt more strongly about the issues of unity, equity and equality.

With the isolation of COVID I have a deeper sense of gratitude for things I once took for granted. The relationships I have feel much richer now and I sense a tangible connection with others that carries a sweetness to it that I can truly appreciate.

While we've witnessed strong attempts to overthrow our democracy I am grateful for what it revealed. First of all I'm thankful that even though democracy took a beating and was stripped down, it did not fall. Secondly I feel fortunate that all of us can now see how flawed and corrupt our democracy is.

We now have an opportunity for our country to come together and create something much, much better for the people of this nation. We cannot un-see the darkness that has been revealed and we cannot deny that we've all been changed by it.

Looking to the future, I feel an optimism in a way I've not had before. I believe it's because I see so many people who are united with the same desire for betterment and I am hopeful that we have the commitment to see it through in the coming years.

With growth comes growing pains, that's to be sure. Recognizing how far we've come, the changes we've gone through and knowing we have the ability to adapt and the strength to keep going can offset the pains of change and even bring a sense of joy and accomplishment. Remember to take those things with you as we wade into the uncertainty of Life in this New Year.


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