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  • Doris


Hedenbergite Natural Green Quartz Points from Inner Mongolia

Strength, hope, courage, patience, optimism, balance, transition

Hedenbergite is a sage colored crystal that is most commonly found as an inclusion within quartz. In recent years there have been crystal points coming out of Inner Mongolia. We are fortunate to have a few of these relatively rare points in the store.

They are not much to look at and you may just overlook them if your ‘spidey sense’ isn’t up. But stop and get to know them and you will discover they emanate a soft nurturing energy. But know that they also have the ability to give one a push when they are hesitant to move forward. This is likely due to Hedenbergites strong connection with Mother Earth.

Hedenbergite is a wonderful stone for bringing opposing forces into balance. It magnetizes opposing energies allowing them to become one, yet remain uniquely different (similar to the yin yang symbol). This crystal is an ideal tool for those facing life challenges for it supports inner patience, keeps one moving forward through positive action, promotes orderly methodical approaches to problem solving, and helps one to keep a positive attitude in the face of what may appear to be negative situations.

Hedenbergite has a strong connection to the Heart Center allowing one to find compassion for those with differing views, as well as understanding internal personal conflicts. It helps one discover that peace of mind comes from peace of heart.


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