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  • Doris

Embracing A New Aquarian Nation

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

In my study of metaphysics, the Wisdom Teachings describe the new age of Aquarius as the ushering in of a new set of energies that will eventually govern all life on the planet.

Some of the qualities of those energies are unity, cooperation, goodwill, sharing, caring, tolerance, inclusiveness, right human relations, progressive thought and efficiency.

What we are witnessing and experiencing right now seems to be the opposite. President-elect Donald Trump has called for the building of walls, shutting down global trade agreements, deportation, maybe using some nukes. Feels like a square peg and a round hole. They just don’t match up.

It is a struggle to grasp an understanding of how to move forward within these dualities. It is difficult to make sense of things that don’t make sense. Within metaphysics and the study of energy, however, we can find some answers.

Similar to high frequencies of sound breaking glass, so, too, does the energy of the Aquarian age break down old forms. It was expected there would be many years of transition as this occurs. All of our institutions of commerce, media, authority, religion, education, government, finance, etc., must be rebuilt, reformed or restructured with the new foundational energies of the Aquarian age.

The old structures created within the structures of Piscean energy cannot survive in the new age. The energy that held those forms together no longer exists. There is no energetic support system, so it begins to crumble and weaken.

Same process applies to our old attitudes and beliefs of separateness, criticism, and hatred (i.e., wrong human relations). Those gotta go, too, but the breaking-down process can take some time.

This process requires a confrontation of what’s not working well and a new plan, new goals. If we select goals and build a new plan based on the qualities of the Aquarian energies, our efforts will be supported and successful.

Unfortunately, people have so heavily invested their energy into these forms, structures, ideals and beliefs that they cannot bear to let them go. They cannot imagine a world without their most prized possessions, no matter how destructive or divisive.

I can understand their reluctance to let go. I don’t like it, but I can understand it.

What we can expect to see now are the tantrums, dare I say “death throes,” of the old systems, institutions, attitudes and belief structures as they peter out. It can seem a daunting task, but this evolution of life is inevitable.

It is our choice as to how we move forward into the new age. We can choose to cooperate, or we can go kicking and screaming, but go we must.

We are a diverse nation, a melting pot of creativity, beauty, ingenuity, kindness and generosity – a nation of immense potential. But we have a few things standing in our way. All of us have, to some degree, prejudice, racism, superiority, privilege, sexism, deceit, ignorance, fear, abuse and love of materialism course through our veins.

It’s a dark ugliness we all live with and try to ignore, but we won’t be able to move forward in a progressive way until we confront it.

Our president-elect, Donald Trump, did not get the popular vote, but he did get the angry vote. Unlike most people, he seems very comfortable with the negativity of his behavior and attitudes. He’s not ashamed of it, and he doesn’t apologize for it. Maybe he is our mirror as a nation.

If each and every one of us can sit down and admit that we have a “Donald” inside of us, perhaps we can begin to accept one another. We are energetically the same. We have the same negative aspects, the same flaws. We just differ in how we express it.

We can move forward, and together we can create a better future for all. It takes effort and a willingness to embrace the new Aquarian qualities outlined above.

Something I believe everyone can agree on is that our political system is broken. Like Humpty Dumpty, we can’t put it back together again, no matter how many politicians we put on the Hill.

Our politicians as a whole are not giving us their best efforts. There is a preoccupation with their own best interests, an addiction to their own corruption. This fact remains, no matter who the president is.

In the way of moving forward is the simple, yet complex matter of an outdated system. We don’t need to fix it. What we need is a major upgrade.

It is not an easy task, but it’s inevitable. We get to decide what our future will be.

It is up to us as a nation to make the new plan, create the new goals using the new qualities of the new age. We do this with our attitudes, actions and our voices.

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