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Transparent Relating

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Transparency is a key component necessary for humanity to move forward into a larger group awareness or consciousness that the new Aquarian Age requires.

What that means is the energies we now live in no longer support humanity’s destructive expressions of control, deceit and manipulation.

These ‘old’ or outdated and overly negative expressions must be replaced by something new, something better and more constructive. It’s believed that transparency is our gateway to better or ‘right’ human relating.

Up to now, humans haven’t really been all that interested in healthy relating techniques but things are changing and each of us plays an important role through our willingness (or unwillingness) to cooperate with this global initiative of transparency.

As a whole, humans are feeling an inner desire or urge for transparency to become a part of their reality. Perhaps we can understand it better as an inner cry for freedom from deceit, or a strong desire for openness and honesty – not just from government but from everyone, including ourselves.

We can already see the influence of this important energetic quality being expressed in the media. Transparency has become the new buzzword for accountability within our government and leadership roles. Police officers are routinely equipped with body cameras. Our cell phones can record video at the touch of a finger. Facebook executives are accused of allowing too much transparency for their users. All these things are moving us towards better human relating.

Let’s not forget about Hollywood and the #MeToo movement where the men involved with sexual harassment accusations portrayed themselves in public as model citizens and yet not so much behind closed doors. Time for mutual respect on and off camera!

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared an interesting viewpoint in an interview with author David Kirkpatrick, by saying “The days of you having a different image for your work friends or co-workers and for the other people you know are probably coming to an end pretty quickly,” and that “Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity.”

In this statement Zuckerberg seems to link integrity to a sense of personal transparency. In other words, if you have integrity, you present the real you to everyone. By this logic, the vast majority of people lack integrity when it comes to human relating, even if motivated by good intentions.

Personally, I have found that my own inner cry for this freedom from deceit seems to have disintegrated every last morsel of tolerance within my body.

For example, attempting to be ‘polite’ is no longer something I have control over when a salesperson marches right past my ‘no soliciting’ sign, walks up to the counter and in a very perky voice says ‘Hello, how are you today? Are you the owner?’ My hands start to shake even before they begin to speak and deep breathing is the only thing left between me and an assault charge.

I had a hard time understanding my strong reactions. But the more I contemplated the situation, the more I wondered whether this might have something to do with my own lack of transparency. Maybe I needed to be more honest in my interactions with people instead of stuffing my real feelings.

Rather than let my unleashed fury boil away at my organs, I could have just told those salespeople I was really upset they ignored my sign and I would like them to please leave. I had to face the possibility that it was my own forced mask of politeness that was deceitful and the cause of my distress.

The sobering reality washed over me that the problem isn’t them, the problem is ME. I’m not allowing myself an honest

expression. I can’t stand my own bullsh*t anymore than I can stand somebody else’s. Yikes!

This inner urge is telling me it’s time to upgrade my ‘polite Doris’ to ‘honest Doris’ and frankly I’m a little scared at the prospect. People might not like honest Doris, but I choose this sense of right relating (willingness to be more transparent) above my need to be liked. My blood pressure demands it.

Webster defines transparent as: free from pretense or deceit; readily understood; having thoughts, feelings or motives that are easily perceived. Transparency starts with us and it leads to better relating and better behaviors for everyone.

Each one of us can benefit from practicing right relating. All you need is intention and a little creativity.

Start by choosing one ‘transparent’ character trait such as respectfulness, honesty, clarity, openness, sincerity, sharing or caring and consciously use it when relating to others. You just might find that you feel better, and humanity as a whole will benefit from your efforts.

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