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CBD Oil - Navigating the Terminology

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The CBD Oil invasion has arrived, but with the lack of standardization, it can be difficult to navigate the terminology, dosage and quality of the CBD products one is considering. We would like to share some important tips we found while doing our own research.

Basic rules of thumb when selecting a brand:

Look for Safe Extraction method - Super-critical and sub-critical CO2 extraction is free of solvents and chemicals. A company will boast this important fact and include in their labeling and marketing materials.

Look for quality of ingredients - pesticide-free, no heavy metals, non GMO, gluten free, no trans fats or artificial additives, backed up by third party testing results. Again, a reputable company will want to show their diligent efforts to provide a quality product.

Transparency - does the company provide a website that gives the consumer the information needed to make an informed decision: show the lab results of the third party testing: explain how each product is used; offer recommended dosages and list the specific amount of CBD oil in each serving.

Other things to consider are how long has the company been in business and where do they source their CBD oil. The European Union is considered a trusted source because they have certain standards in place to protect the consumer. The US lacks standardization, but does manufacture

When selecting a dosage, one must consider these important factors:

Purpose - is consuming CBD for general health, anxiety and stress, or chronic pain?

Size Matters - a larger person will need a larger dose of CBD than someone who is more petite.

Consistency - as cannabinoids enter the system, your body becomes more sensitive over time, and one can experience better effects.

Many people report that they notice a more distinct difference after three days of consistent use.

Most recommendations start with 3-5ml of CBD, mid range is 8-25ml, 30ml and up may be necessary for chronic pain.

Generally speaking, the more problematic the symptoms the more doses one will need in a day or use higher concentrations of CBD oil.

If you are on any medications, please consult with your health practitioner before including CBD into your routine.

At Peaceful Heart, we carry CV Sciences CBD Plus products and Hemplucid water soluble whole plant CBD oil. We sell these, we use them and look forward to sharing our experiences or answering any questions you have about these.

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