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  • Doris

Aquarian Energies Can Challenge Beliefs

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Every 2000 yrs our solar system enters into a new astrological quadrant of the universe. Recently, our solar system moved out of the sign of Pisces and into the sign of Aquarius. It's believed that the energies of these different astrological signs have a profound effect on all life within the solar system.

This shift was first acknowledged by our culture in 1969 by The Fifth Dimension's song 'Age of Aquarius.' The lyrics of this bygone hippie era song describe the new energies and influences that we are now seeing come into manifestation.

The Aquarian age is largely defined by its core quality of being a group energy and its strong sense of efficiency. In contrast, the passing Piscean age embodied the qualities of individuality and personal power.

The direct result of this cosmic transition from individual power to group or shared power, can be witnessed through the candidates we now see stepping into the ring for the 2020 election.

Some of them are talking about some radical ideas such as universal basic income, free education, forgiving student loan debt and the ever-elusive universal health care system.

These ideas all demonstrate an Aquarian group perspective of sharing resources among the masses and a way for providing a better life for all. This is a 180 degree turnaround from the elitist values that were created under the Piscean rule of individual power.

This radical transition from individualism to group consciousness creates many conflicts within the human psyche, even when we truly want things to be better for everyone.

Now, it would be easy to see how beneficial this group stuff can be for everyone from a big picture

perspective. Health care for everyone; living wages; food, housing, clean water for all.

Sounds great until one thinks about all the "bad" people, the "undeserving" people, or the people who didn’t have to work for all this good stuff.

Maybe it’s not so easy to be all kumbaya and leave those Piscean values of individual power behind.

A great example of this dilemma was presented on a CBS morning show segment centered around the concept of forgiving student debt (proposed by presidential candidates). The issue about fairness was brought up: What about all the people who paid or are currently paying for their education -- isn’t it unfair to them if at some point down the road this becomes a reality?

Nobody really had an answer for that concept. It’s an important conversation to have not only in a public forum, but also an honest inner dialogue about how we feel from an individual perspective.

When you think about it, there is no way to right this kind of injustice. There’s no way to level the playing field for those who came before. It tugs hard at our developed sense of what’s right and wrong.

If we cling to our old value systems built under the rule of individualism, it will be difficult for humanity to move into the new Aquarian energies.

Moving forward into this new cycle of group values and efficient use of resources requires a fundamental change of attitudes in how we think and what we value.

That can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Fortunately, there’s help to deal with this challenging transition. It’s going to sound a little strange.

Basically speaking, energy flows into a person’s body through an energy field that surrounds the physical form. Think about how good it feels to the body to lie on a sunny beach in the warm sand. The body is absorbing the sun’s energy without anybody telling it to.

Same thing is happening with the new Aquarian energies – they’re in the environment, and the body absorbs them and uses it as fuel. Piscean age gave us leaded fuel, and now Aquarian age gives us unleaded. We’re going to choke and gag a little until we get used to the new stuff, aka group consciousness.

This group energy is flowing into our bodies, stimulating new feelings about group awareness. Eventually, this energy will shift how we feel by expanding our awareness into a group perspective.

In other words, people will begin to see the value of group betterment as the energies inspire humanity to put its efforts in that direction.

The problem is that some of us no-likey new feelings. We can barely handle the old feelings. We fight the new feelings by banging them over the head with our old values.

A more progressive approach would be to embrace the inner conflict when it comes up. Take a few moments to consider the value or potential of these more inclusive ideas before tossing them to the side as ridiculous.

It’s the willingness to entertain new thoughts and ideas that help us merge with the new energies, thereby creating an easier transition for ourselves.

It’s through our thoughts that we change our lives.

The unleaded fuel of Aquarian energy is all around us, supporting and encouraging betterment for all of us. Let’s fill up the tank!

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