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Being Human: The Struggle is Real

The following is an article we'd like to share with you that was originally published by AnniePress. We are grateful to Mary Anne and her continued work to make the world a better place and we carry her books in store. For more information about Mary Anne and the AnniePress mission visit her website at

So many people are very unhappy about so many things! They have convinced themselves that “that’s just the way it is.” And yes, if they use nothing beyond the tiny human brain to comprehend things, it’s easy to lose hope and they are doomed to live life as a helpless victim. They simply put up with things and suffer until they finally die, waiting to see what happens after. Some have hope that something magical will come along before death, but they don’t count on it, most days.

See why people think life sucks? They have nothing to believe in...because they don’t believe in themselves. They reason, that if they were worth anything, life wouldn’t be so hard, right? So where did they go wrong? They’re so incredibly lost...

I mean, they’ve literally lost themselves. They have forgotten who and what they are. All the attention on the human side—and all the explosions of fear that have them stuck in survival mode—has taken over. It happens to everyone at some point, so don’t feel bad! Do yourself a favor and try to remember that truth feels warm, calm, loving and peaceful at all times, no matter what. Any thoughts of fear are NOT showing you the truth, but leading you away from truth.

Survival using just your human side is not enough to sustain you; you need that divine side of you to see the truth in everything. Why should you care? Because if you ignore parts of your being, it will die off, and if one part of you dies, the rest WILL follow. Are you hearing me?! You’re dying a slow death. Some faster than others, like those that constantly wish “it would just end” more aggressively; it will come more quickly for them, believe me!

The thing is, you were a divine being—a spirit with a soul—long, long before you became a human being. You see, you ARE STILL, and will ALWAYS BE, A DIVINE BEING. You just happen to have a human body and brain formed around it, at the moment. Why? For a great purpose, that’s why. Many have forgotten as the burdens of human life take over, but all we need to do is REMEMBER! Remember you are divine!

It’s in every one of us! The key is to allow ourselves to just REMEMBER! Kids still know, so learn again from them, or pick up a good book to help you. I can recommend my book, COMPLETE HEALING, as my divine side told my human side to summarize some key points to remember who we are, and direct you towards other experts that have helped so many around the world. Don’t think for a moment I don’t read it often. I’m still human now too, remember? It helps me to remember more and more, every time. So let the bigger part of you out! Go for it—what have you got to lose? I wish you HAPPY HEALING and lots of love, as you FIND YOURSELF again!

~Mary Anne

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