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Ringing in the 2019 Festival Week

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Peaceful Heart will join in solidarity with our spiritual sisters and brothers at 3:00pm on Saturday, Dec. 21st by a ringing of the bells and one minute of silence as we join hearts and minds together for the purpose of ushering in spiritual Goodwill for all.

Every seven years, from December 21 – 28, a tide of Capricornian influences flow into humanity, providing a ‘week of group impact’ strengthening the work and consciousness of the New Group of World Servers.

During this week there will be an inpouring of Goodwill energies that are to be distributed to humanity through the energy fields of spiritual activists all over the globe. All are welcome to join in, as it is believed that together humanity shares One Heart.

The following excerpt more fully describe this event from

“Millions today share the conviction of an inner spiritual unity within humanity, transcending any outer differences of race, nation and creed. Amongst these millions, a worldwide group of servers, drawn from every field of human life, is pioneering the ideas and practices of an emerging spiritual civilization. Through the substance of their lives, a new world of goodwill, unity and rights relations is being born. The group is evidence of a living bridge between the heavens and the earth.”

“In the twentieth century, a leading thinker in Western esotericism, Alice Bailey, pointed to the emergence of this diverse group, as one of the most significant developments in the history of humanity, and key to birthing of a New Age. She named the group, the New Group of World Servers.

Alice Bailey referred to one week in December every seven years as the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers. During the Week, a significant cosmic alignment takes place, and the mind and heart of the group of all true servers is energized by Light, Love and Spiritual Will flowing from the Great Beings, Saints and Angels of the Higher Worlds.

Please join with others during the Festival Week this December. Through meditations and concentrated alignments, we can together visualize the inpouring energies of the One Life evoking transformative responses from the New Group of World Servers – strengthening the hands of all who love and serve.”

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