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  • Doris

2023 Rings in New Values for Humanity

With the warm feelings of Christmas and the sentiment of peace and brotherhood still fresh in our minds, it’s a perfect time to look forward to the new year and new possibilities.

Recently we have witnessed the crumbling of long-standing societal structures such as religion and governments around the globe. This can be interpreted as the process humanity must pass through when it changes or upgrades its collective system of values, attitudes and beliefs.

Out with the old and in with the new.

It seems the clarion call that is resonating in human hearts and stimulating a sense of unrest and desire for change is nestled in the roots of freedom. Freedom from excessive control and dominance of systems that were once accepted but now obsolete.

The challenge we face moving forward is that we need to steer our thoughts towards a new vision, a new moral compass, a new basic structure upon which we can expand our collective attitudes and awareness to create a society where all citizens have a reasonable chance at a reasonable life.

There is enough ingenuity and resources on our planet to provide a practical lifestyle for everyone on the planet if we decide as a collective that’s what we want. Currently, we are living in a vastly impractical way where the wealthy are both hoarding and depleting resources.

But societies are complicated and it’s hard to know how or where to start this process of replacing outdated values. The answers can be as simple or as complicated as we wish them to be.

There are many groups who are working to assist humanity in visioning a new and better reality by putting forth some basic guiding concepts or principles that can benefit the entire human race.

So, this year instead of the traditional New Year’s resolutions, I am resolving to focus my thoughts and actions on seven universal values:

1. Freedom of Choice: everyone gets the chance to decide for themselves. No more forced enslavement to another’s choice. The end of solitary leadership ranging from Dictators to Monarchies.

2. Inclusiveness: everyone is accepted for who they are. Includes the World Teacher’s first lesson for humanity – “to love one another.”

3. Orderly Progression: advancement is to be based on ‘merit’ or service to the greater good.

4. Fairness: everyone gets a ‘fair chance’ at success. The end of societal ‘classes’ and their self-serving systems that provide them advantage.

5. Right to an Education: everyone is provided with a basic education which includes the opportunity to know what is real and true.

6. Right to Worship: everyone has the freedom to express their belief in the living God, without exclusivity. No longer shall someone be rejected or ‘shunned’ for their personal faith.

7. Constructive Boundaries: everyone has the right to draw ‘healthy’ boundaries in their interactions.

These broad-based values can be used or adapted as a formula for a healthy society or as simply a guide to living a healthy lifestyle for oneself.

Of course, implementing these values means our societies would need to stop rewarding deceit, control and manipulation as a means to succeed and replace that value system with one that rewards open, sincere and honest communication along with developing a sense of right-relating not only with people but the environment including animals, plants and minerals.

On top of that, there would necessarily need to be provisions that these values must be available to all citizens. Meaning, a collective freedom of choice isn’t one of absolute personal freedom to do whatever I want. Freedom within a collective society does require certain basic boundaries that would prevent harm to others.

These values are simply starting points that offer much to think about and presents an opportunity to see new possibilities but it comes at a cost.

We must be willing to give up our addictions of hate, war and fear. That can seem impossible to accomplish given the upheaval happening in every corner of the globe, but there are definite signs humanity is on the right track.

We witnessed a demonstration of world goodwill when scientists from all over the globe worked together to create the Covid vaccines.

The whole world came together in its support of Ukraine’s fight for freedom on the heels of Russia’s invasion.

And earlier this month, science achieved a nuclear fusion breakthrough involving seventeen different countries, which means no one country has control over the information. In time, we will come to understand the historic significance of this momentous event.

All these things are happening in the midst of world turmoil and demonstrate that we are in a process that will eventually bring a lot of positive change for humanity. Perseverance is all that is needed, and each of us can help by thinking about these universal values and perhaps talking to others about their thoughts on the matter.

Everyday as I read through these values, I feel a growing strength of conviction within my heart. I want these things for myself as well as others, and I believe they are important.

I share these values in service to all who might resonate with them as I did.

Happy New Year to all.

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