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  • Doris

Freedom is Evolution

Updated: May 1

It’s long been foretold in the Wisdom Teachings that the Age of Aquarius would be the time of the Female Buddha. Meaning the Divine Feminine would rise up to take Her rightful place in the physical world, bringing the masculine-feminine energies of the planet into a constructive state of balance and equilibrium.

These cosmic waves of energy affect all life on the planet in that what it stimulates is expressed through all forms. The goal is always forward movement and the evolution of all form-life.

The women’s movement has been demanding equality for several decades but recent upheavals may be evidence that this energy is moving more strongly through our system, stimulating and inspiring women to assist in the planet’s evolution.

Protests have been heating up in Iran over women’s rights after the recent death of a 22 year-old woman who was taken into custody by the Morality police for what they claimed was a violation of the women’s dress code. News channels have shown videos of protests with women burning their head scarves and risking their lives.

While many would see these events as a revolt of angry women, I wonder if this is evidence of how cosmic energy expresses itself through the natural evolutionary process.

In Life, everything is in a constant state of change and all living things must grow and learn to adapt. Nothing can remain static, not even religion.

Historically, religion has had a heavy hand in defining the acceptable rules of how women are to behave in society and perhaps that served to provide a structure for what was considered a healthy society in the past, but the reality may be that these once helpful guidelines have outgrown its usefulness.

It’s important to realize that the women in Iran who are risking their lives in protest are well-educated and devoted to their religion. What they are doing takes great courage. Their actions reflect a sincere commitment to a cause.

Perhaps their protests demonstrate that more is at stake than a head scarf or a dress code. It’s a desire for freedom of expression.

When people in this country were asked to wear a mask to help save lives, many saw that as a violation to their freedom. The desire for freedom is universal.

Maybe they believe as Iranian women, they have something of value to offer and want a chance to contribute to their society.

We have to ask ourselves if what we’re seeing in Iran is that women have merely outgrown the limitations and confines of an old system that no longer serves the needs of its modern-day people and societies.

Women in this country can relate to similar feelings of repression and a desire for freedom of choice.

While women here are not as repressed as those in Iran, we too have morality police who are trying to take women back to a life of more restrictions and limitations by the Roe v. Wade reversal.

Sixteen states have now criminalized abortion and created chaos in the medical field. Doctors don’t know who gets to decide what constitutes a life-threatening condition since neither doctor nor patient has the right to make that decision anymore.

Many people see these attempts to limit or restrict women’s rights as a form of enslavement, to keep their voices small and unheard, but that’s not how evolution works.

It may be more constructive to acknowledge that women are assets to humanity and the planet. Women have the ability to make huge contributions for the betterment of society. Treating women as second-class citizens does not serve evolution nor any constructive purpose.

I believe women have an essential role to play and it is the women who must carry the thrust of their own evolution. Humanity has a destiny and a purpose that cannot be fulfilled if women don’t demand their seat at the table.

If we see the women’s movements and other world events from this perspective, the idea of change and upheaval doesn’t seem so scary. It’s just a natural progression of forward movement and constant change.

The desire for Freedom of choice and expression is a natural condition of our evolution and is not something to be feared. It is something we can choose to embrace.


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