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  • Doris

Harmony Through Conflict

Updated: May 1

The struggle of forward, progressive movement within our country is partly due to the spiritual concept of harmony through conflict, which is reflected in the astrological constellation of Taurus, the bull.

The seemingly endless conflicts around the globe are a necessary part of humanity’s growth because harmony is always preceded by conflict.

I am not a fan of this cosmic principle because I do not like conflict and most people I know don’t like it either. It’s hard to grasp the idea that bumping chests and clashing opinions will not result in someone getting an eye poked out.

We fear conflict because we don’t know the cost of challenge. Historically, people have proven to be violent when provoked and with emotional instability running rampant now-a-days, it’s no wonder people are hesitant to make a stand.

The divisiveness in our country is most readily reflected by our current political environment. Within it, is a demonstrated duality that is very similar to two bulls going at each other.

Each party has a group of extremists who are unwilling to cooperate and seem to be effectively slowing down the whole process of governing. Energetically this fighting creates what can be described as two bulls locking horns and refusing to yield.

Interestingly, once the horns are locked, the bulls can’t get away from each other and they stand eyeball to eyeball. Eventually there comes a realization that they can’t destroy each other and they can’t get away from each other.

Unable to gain advantage, the locked horns reveal the need to find a way to live with each other. This is how our country will move forward, by making room for each other and conflict is the first step.

Simply stated, all the conflicts we see going on are a reflection of a core issue: enslavement vs. freedom.

The founding fathers put forth an ideal of freedom for all people even though they owned slaves. Lincoln later attempted to fulfill this ideal in a more concrete way by abolishing slavery.

Even though the South lost the war and slaves were freed on paper, psychologically, the South never accepted this defeat. As a result, Southern attitudes have never truly integrated or merged with the rest of the country.

Having traveled and lived in the south, I was aghast at the preservation of these attitudes of repression for they remain strong and feel like an invisible weight.

Energetically, these old thoughtforms and grievances have festered and infected the psyche of the country and are fueling the current conflicts that are quickly reaching critical mass.

People at the highest levels of government are working to take away rights from its citizens.

In a recent speech, Donald Trump explained how he intends to dismantle the government and eliminate our democracy to the cheers of his audience. Arizona

Republican Representative Eli Crane says he ‘misspoke’ when he used the racially charged term ‘colored people’ on the House floor.

This is not rational or healthy behavior. We are living at a time where we must confront the insanity of our behaviors whether it’s in our politics or our own minds.

Humans can be just as conflicted within themselves as our politicians are. People are letting emotions do their thinking rather than choosing common-sense or rational thought.

It’s normal to be polarized in our thinking due to the different frequencies between the two halves of the brain, which results in people having two opposing perspectives.

This concept has long been described as having the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. To put an end to the push-pull of the two voices or the two bulls, we simply merge them together.

By merging the positive and negative polarities of thoughts, judgments or beliefs, we can come up with a single perspective that has both polarities and a balancing of thought occurs. A harmony results from the friction of conflict between the opposing frequencies.

The same thing is happening within the collective psyche of our country. The old energies of restriction and control are an opposite polarity to the increased frequencies of Freedom that are inspiring change and transformation. The friction of this conflict is necessary to find harmony.

Freedom for all people must exist within a limited structure for an orderly society, but it cannot be so restrictive as to result in forced choices. This balanced perspective is a merging of the two opposing energetic forces. Conflict becomes co-existence.

Of course, it’s up to humanity as a collective to decide how quickly this harmony occurs, but it can be helpful to understand the process and not be afraid to confront or lock horns with any conflict that crosses our path.

Life is a process of constant change. Change brings conflict and conflict brings harmony.

Like me, you may still dislike conflict but understanding the value it brings can make it easier to accept.


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