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  • Doris

Keep Voting for Unity

As the recent election votes get counted it’s clear that 70 million people in this country see Trump as their savior and Biden a demonic force of destruction. While 75 million other people have the complete opposite viewpoint.  

I believe the shock waves of this reality goes both ways and we are all affected in some way by this emotional division.

The idea of healing this schism of the American people seems an almost impossible dream. Perhaps the best way to move forward in a constructive manner as a country is to stop playing the divisive game of winners and losers.

To reach for unity, we cannot use elections as a system of victors and losers, which implies that the losers become enslaved to the victors. That’s not a game with any long-term benefits for either side.

It is in the activity of exclusion that we create division and hatred.

Individually we certainly have different viewpoints and ideologies, but underneath those differences we all want the same basic things. We want to feel safe. We want to be heard and we want to be included.

At this particular point in time I believe that almost everyone in this country understands what it feels like to be hurting, to feel marginalized, isolated and ignored.

We have more in common with each other than we have differences, and that should be our starting point if we wish to move forward together as a collective.

At first glance, the division we see in the news and across the country seems too big to change or heal, but there is always a way to make a difference even if we can’t change someone else’s mind.

By using our creative imagination, we can build a thoughtform for the collective good of this nation and send it to the leadership of this country at both the state and national levels.

These governmental entities are supposed to work for ‘we, the people,’ and it’s our responsibility to express the needs of the country.

My vision is to have our government unified in a constructive purpose, regardless of party. I wrote a mantra to help make that vision a reality and I say it every day from a place of sincerity.

In my mind’s eye I see myself addressing the nation’s leadership and I say ‘Your job is to work for the betterment of all the people in this country.’ I envision them all nodding their heads in agreement and then turning to shake hands with each other in a display of unified purpose.

This may seem an insignificant and trivial activity, but each of us is a creator and the power of our thoughts creates something even if we can’t see it. The more intention and repetition we give a thought, the more powerful it becomes. The vibration of those thoughts can impact the consciousness of others.

If we have millions of people actively visualizing and calling for the unity, harmony and healing of this nation, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

I invite everyone reading this to create their own constructive mantra and deliver it daily to our nation’s leadership. Use your imagination to get creative and have some fun.

Humor has a high vibration and we could all use more of that.


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