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  • Doris

Looking Back to Move Forward

At the beginning of each new year, it seems that everyone is in a hurry to set new goals and plunge into the future with a new found zest for life. 

But not me, I like to do something different.

At the arrival of each new year I like to take some time to reflect back at the previous year in an attempt to better understand my journey as a human.  I do this instead of making a resolutions list of things I know I should do, but won’t.

In my yearly reviews, I look back at the more significant events that happened along with the sequence in which those events played out.  I write down the challenges I faced and how I confronted or avoided confronting them, and what I would do differently given the chance.

I’m not gonna lie, 2019 was a year full of events and challenges I don’t ever want to repeat.  As awful as I felt things were during that time, I cannot deny the fact that I gained a depth and intensity of personal growth and wisdom to match it.

Life is truly beautiful in a really weird way.

For me, 2019 was filled with difficult transitions in both the outer physical world and the inner world of my psyche.  There were times I felt that no matter how hard I tried nothing was working out.  I felt like a rat running on a wheel and going nowhere. 

In those moments of hopelessness, giving up just seemed like the smart thing to do.  Why fight, just give in and give up, save myself the anguish.  It seemed sheer stubbornness was all that kept me moving forward. 

This tumultuous stage changed my life.  It was really hard for a long time and I totally hated it, but eventually I found my way through the difficulties.  Ironically, I now find myself and my life in a much better place.  Maybe Life wasn’t just sh*tting on me after all.

My efforts to more fully understand the wisdom I gained having gone through those situations allows me to witness my own growth.  Instead of remembering only what I perceived as failure, I document the skills I acquired.  I develop an appreciation of my efforts to keep moving forward even when I desperately wanted to quit.  I have gained a strength of character that can only be forged in the fires of intense change or challenge. 

Looking back, I now realize how very different I am than I was a year ago.  I know more about myself and I have more confidence in my ability to ride the rough waves of change when they come. 

It’s important that we be the ones to acknowledge our own skills, growth and efforts because nobody else will.  Even if they did, we wouldn’t believe them.  It’s only by looking back that we see how far we’ve come, and that’s what gives us the courage of heart to face whatever lies ahead. 

Not surprisingly, each new year brings us a new cycle of growth and what lies ahead for humanity in 2020 is change.   We can expect significant turmoil on the inner levels of humanity as the planet moves us more deeply into the Aquarian quadrant of the Universe. 

As the Aquarian energies gain traction, they will be pulling us towards liberation trying to free us from or help us let go of that which is holding us back. 

Perhaps we have heavy emotions like guilt or self-pity that are holding us back from experiencing a sense of happiness.  Mental perspectives of right and wrong, or sacred religious ideals can hold us in the past, unable to mentally move forward towards concepts of community or group betterment.  We can even be holding onto physical things that leave no room for something new or better.

Sometimes Life has to punch you in the face to get you to let go of something.  Not because Life is mean, it's more that humans are super stubborn and don’t like change so we hold onto stuff way too long and it starts to drag everything down.

The new Aquarian energies are helping to liberate humanity from things that are too heavy or too negative for this section of the Universe. 

Aquarian energies are all about having a good time.  It’s about group consciousness, a sense of community and coming together, shared power, creativity, fast movement, the arts and beauty, goodwill for all.  It’s a veritable love festival. 

But first we have to let the old stuff go.  This process of letting go is also being fueled by several other astrological forces.  Jupiter, Uranus and Capricorn are all joining in to assist humanity in loosening their grips on things that are no longer needed for humanity’s evolution.

If you find that you are one of the lucky millions experiencing profound changes in the coming months, put your helmet on, get ready to let go of something and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.  And if you feel your life is being torn apart in places, take heart in knowing that you’re just in the process of building something better. 

FYI - You will have to write that on a piece of paper and tape it to the frig because you will not feel that way when Life punches you in the face. 

Happy 2020!


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