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  • Doris

The New 2.0 You

Updated: May 1

As the solar system moves ever deeper into the Aquarian energies of this new age, humanity is being transitioned into an interesting new phase of its development. The emotional intensity that once drove human expression is being phased out and replaced with a sense of emotional calming.

Humanity’s evolution during this new age will be the development of its mental body, which requires our emotional chaos to take a back seat.

Now, this might sound positively delightful on the surface but when faced with losing our intense emotions one can feel lost and uncertain of who or what they will become without them.

This requires an attitude adjustment whereby we willingly release the importance of past experiences. But like a toddler who is asked to give up its beloved bottle, there will be resistance.

We like our strong emotions because they propel us into action and in fact, we’ve always relied on emotions to make our choices. Emotions have defined us, motivated us and entertained us.

When we’re bored, we often play back a past experience in our minds. Some are of happy, exciting things, some are of our greatest failures, and others are of grief and loss.

When we remember these past moments the emotions of those times come flooding back causing our form to come alive and relive the experience through one’s emotional body.

When we are done playing with that cherished memory, we put it back on the shelf and go back to our day’s tasks.

Intense emotions can make us feel ‘alive,’ and full of zest but the reality is that they have become an addiction within the human psyche where we create drama, conflict and upset over daily life activities to make life more interesting.

But there is also a darker side to the world of emotion which is the fact that we can be and often are controlled by our emotions. Fear is the number one controlling emotion in humans and Desire is number two.

Politically, Donald Trump is a brilliant example of how one can manipulate by stimulating fear in his supporters. They feel their country is being taken from them and they are deeply upset about it. Trump and others are selfishly using these people by stimulating their emotions to extreme and dangerous levels for personal profit.

Our media is another example of intentionally intensifying emotional drama to get ratings and capture our attention.

Advertising is built on over stimulating people’s desires to acquire things they don’t need so that their business can profit.

Almost every aspect of modern society is attempting to manipulate and control people via their emotions because emotions cloud our thinking, stimulating us to react on impulse.

To help with this situation, the Aquarian energies are focused on liberating humanity from the enslavement of controlling emotions. In exchange, we are offered a sense of calm, a sense of belonging, optimism and hope.

By allowing the body to experience a deep sense of calm, we no longer spend as much time managing excessive emotional urges.

In turn, this opens up space for the development of the mind and its thought process.

This doesn’t mean emotions will cease, but the intense and unproductive emotions of fear and desire will no longer be supported.

Not only do strong emotions get in the way of a person’s ability to think from a balanced perspective, but storing all those past emotions takes up physical space in one’s energy field.

When we let go of the importance of past experience, we release the electrical charge of the emotion that was stored there. We still have our memories, but we no longer have the emotional response.

Like the Cloud, our emotional energy field stores these past electrical charges, most of which are negative, heavy and holding us back from living better.

This might sound cruel, but the Aquarian energies are flushing the emotional fields of the entire planet, which includes humans, whether you like it or not.

Losing valued emotions and beliefs is very unsettling to most people because those experiences meant something to the human psyche. If we let go of these valuable items, we may feel we are letting go of who are. The pain of our past has defined us so we are left wondering who we will be without it. Some fear they will be left an emotional zombie and perhaps lose the motivation to live.

This is the uncertainty of where people find themselves today. We are sensing the loss of something and are perhaps missing the fact that we are getting a new upgraded version of our energy system.

The result is that humanity will become more thought driven in its motivation and expression, no longer relying on past emotional experience to make choices.

Logic and common sense will replace the faith-based emotionalism that was developed in the last age, making room for new experiences, new thoughts, new feelings and new sensations. In fact, this is expected to be a time of miracles.

While there is much to look forward to, the scary part is letting the past go and giving up our addictive bottles of emotional yum-yum juice.

It’s time to create the new you, the more thoughtful you, and dare I say, the better 2.0 version of you.


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