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  • Doris

The Pressures of Change

Updated: May 1

As I sat down with the people in my spiritual group last week, I asked, “is the rest of the

world as unstable as I feel right now?”

Turns out that the answer is ‘yes.’

Most of us are feeling a lot of energetic pressure which translates into fatigue, agitation, anxiety and fear.

My body is currently living in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety but my brain and its logic cannot determine the source. Things aren’t really much different than they’ve been for a while so what happened?

Chances are that we are all collectively sharing in the same experience of transformation. If you follow any astrological websites, you will have read about how the planets of change and transformation are squaring off with planets of restriction and responsibility.

This cosmic conflict that is playing out in the stars above is necessary for our entry into the Aquarian age. The surprise is that most of us were not expecting to have such physical and emotional reactions.

Instability is the key activity that happens during significant energy shifts. In order to create global change, there must be a certain amount of energetic tension built up in order to birth the new forms. Humanity plays an important role in this process and holding this tension without going berserk is the goal.

I do this by not taking anything too seriously or get emotionally charged up about anything, even though it would be so easy to do given what is going on in the world.

Another technique to assist the body through these transitions is to consider if the stress or tension we feel is actually how the body expresses pain. By asking ourselves if the anxiety we feel is actually a form of pain, we can acknowledge it and release it from the physical form.

I have found this technique to be highly effective in reducing my levels of stress. I don’t know the how’s or why’s of the pain, I just say to myself ‘I think my body is in pain.’ Or ‘this isn’t stress, it’s pain, I’m feeling pain.’

I was able to experience an immediate sense of relief with this simple technique and I share it in hopes that it can help others.

The good news is that relief should be here soon! It’s expected that the energetic push we are currently experiencing will subside by the end of the year as we move through the last squaring of Saturn and Uranus on Dec. 24th.

So, if you are struggling and feeling under pressure be sure to take the time for some self-care and remember to just keep moving forward.


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