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  • Doris

Virus Impacts Human Consciousness

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

by Doris

One of the most anticipated events of the Aquarian Age for spiritual students has been

the idea that these new astrological energies would provide the foundational spark for a huge leap in the consciousness of humanity.

This monumental event was to precipitate the era of “heaven on earth” associated with the 2,000 years of peace and prosperity foretold in some religious texts.

In fact, the changes expected by the year 2050 are speculated to be so profound that people of that time would look back at our current time in history and view the way we live as barbaric.

Over my years of study, I often wondered how something so fantastical could possibly take place within my lifetime. Along with many others, I have been searching for signs of this most longed-for event.

None of us could have imagined that a potentially deadly virus would be the spark that pushes humanity up the evolutionary ladder, but there is strong evidence to support its validity.

It looks to me like COVID-19 has helped to break open the heart of humanity, allowing the depth of our collective caring to shine forth with a radiance that will forever change the world. It’s true that things will never be the same and there is no more “normal.”

Every day, we see evidence of people supporting, helping, caring and encouraging each other through the myriad challenges we are all facing during this worldwide pandemic.

For the first time, we see Republicans and Democrats agree to pump trillions of dollars into various avenues of help and aid for people, hospitals and businesses in this country.

Singers are putting on free concerts; athletes are donating money and organizing fund raisers for those out of work; restaurant owners and chefs donating food for those in need. We see school kids grocery shopping for the elderly in their neighborhoods and a tremendous outpouring of love and gratitude for the first responders who tirelessly showed up day after day to serve as many of them gave their lives while helping those in need.

Never before have we seen so much goodwill in action, so many people stepping up to help and so many people expressing their love for others. We see cooperation on a scale that’s unheard of up until now.

The willingness to set aside a measure of personal freedom for the good of the collective whole as people stayed home to prevent an overload on the health care system is proof positive that something has changed in humanity.

Scientists around the world are working together and sharing data as they race to find treatments and vaccines for the virus. Billions of dollars are being invested with no guarantee of a return.

The lack of response and leadership from the federal government left a void that we soon found filled by courageous governors and leaders within the states who rose to their station to help the people of their states and partnered up with other states to share resources.

“We are in this together” has become our anthem. People show they care about others by wearing a mask and social distancing to slow down the pace of infection.

Something inspired these people, organizations and leaders.

They felt moved to take action, and I’m willing to bet it’s the powerful new energies of the Aquarian Age moving through humanity.

But not everything is all rainbows and unicorns. Perhaps the most important aspect of this potent crisis is the spotlight that’s been placed on the dark underbelly of our society highlighting the gross inequities that exist, but can no longer be tolerated.

In his new book, “Humankind: A Hopeful History,” Rutger Bregman talks about new potentials within this crisis. He points out that in the many worldwide lists of vital professions, those such as hedge fund manager and tax specialists for multinational corporations were not among them.

“Suddenly it was crystal clear who did the really important work in health care and education, in public transport, in supermarkets,” he wrote. “The general rule seemed to be: The more vital your work, the less you are paid, the more insecure your employment and the more at risk you are in the fight against the coronavirus.”

If there is one thing this pandemic is revealing, it’s the fact that we are changed – and with change comes responsibility.

Tens of thousands of people around the world are protesting the death of George Floyd in a display of global solidarity. The protests clearly tell us that a choice has been made by humanity.

We cannot go back to the past, we must and we will forge a new future where everyone has a place at the table and we all have a voice.

No doubt it’s going to be a hard road, but we as a collective now have the heart, the will and the determination to make change happen. We are ready.

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