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  • Doris

We Can Use Crazy

Updated: May 1

Historically, people have affiliated themselves between the two basic political ideologies of republicans and democrats. Independents have never been a large enough group to play an equal role or have equal weight to what has become a two-party system but perhaps this country is ready for that to change.

As we near the next presidential election cycle, one has to wonder how much crazier things will get before we come together for the sake of sanity because our current politicians are reflecting insane behaviors.

I think it’s safe to say that these behaviors have always been there, but the extremes of what we are seeing and experiencing is showing us those things which are out of balance and unhealthy.

There were many times after watching the news over the last few years that I thought people were losing their sanity, but lately I am more convinced that we are actually watching the unraveling of our insanity and it’s serving a useful purpose that will eventually lead us to meaningful change within our nation’s political system.

I think most people would agree that our government is corrupted and broken, but the people running the show don’t really have any incentive to fix the system or put themselves out of a job.

In fact, the corruption, the unethical behavior, and the lack of morals or values isn’t being hidden or even denied anymore, and in some instances, it’s being applauded.

Our Supreme Court justices don’t see anything wrong with being bought off by billionaires and there are no rules that hold them responsible for their actions. Things are out of balance.

What we currently have are two political parties who don’t get along and seem to have become mortal enemies locked in combat for power. This is not sane behavior.

One could look at this reality and feel hopeless to change the massive machine that our government has become, or we can study the situation and come up with a better way.

In my study of energy, balance often comes in threes. We can see this concept reflected in the way we use electricity where we have a positive polarity, a negative polarity and a grounding wire. Without the grounding wire, electricity can be dangerous. Perhaps our two polarized political parties need a new partner to help bring balance.

The crazy we see helps us define what needs changing. It's best to start with basic foundational changes that have a common-sense approach. Many groups are talking about these very issues, coming up with ideas and reasonable solutions. Term limits, a code of ethics, restrictions and limits of power, consequences and responsibility for one’s actions are practical starting points for change.

We cannot solely rely on our politicians to do the right thing anymore. Power naturally corrupts and we need more guard rails. We must define a collective value system that serves everyone in our society for those who choose to serve in public office.

It is the process of hashing out ideas and potentials that help us to clearly define our goals, the purpose for the changes and provides clear understanding of what we want to build as the path to constructive change. Then we need groups who are committed to making the needed change happen. I believe these people exist in the younger generations and they are motivated for change.

But if you are in a hurry for change, I have bad news for you.

Meaningful change takes time, cooperation, collaboration and coordination, and it doesn’t start at the top.

This change will be a grassroots movement of those caring individuals interested in creating this change and over time, will create a larger collective of public servants who are committed to a new political ideology resulting in a potential third party that will serve to bridge or equalize the existing two polarized political parties.

Not all of us are cut out to be political activists but each of us can participate in our own way by considering and choosing values we want reflected in the government.

Our collective thoughts about the values we want to see in politics are potent and can help support and build a new future.

When Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were expelled from the Tennessee legislature, they received the support of people across the nation. These two men are demonstrating the values people want to see and they are not alone.

It is my hope that within the next eight years we will see an organized emergence of a new movement that serves to bring a new balance and order to the system. Are we ready for that change? I sure hope so.


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