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What's in Your Treasure Chest?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Stay Calm, Stay Centered, Stay Grounded...

The magnificent mineral kingdom offers us a plethora of tools to help stay calm, centered and grounded during trying circumstances. Most of us are finding ourselves out of routine, isolated and worried about the state of the world. This is an excellent time to get cozy with some of your favorites stones and crystals. Crystals offer brilliant guidance and excellent support during times of inner and worldly reflection. Look in your treasure chest! What is available to you?

Here are some of our favorites:

Angelite Serenity, Inner peace, Calm, Dispels fear, anger & anxiety, Raises conscious awareness

Amethyst Stone of spirituality & contentment, Supports meditation, stability & peace

Green Aventurine Helps embrace change, elevates hope, joy & optimisn

Flourite Diminishes stress, Remedies confusion, Overcome fear of future, Aura cleaner

Howlite Reduces pain, stress & rage, Supports discernment, patience & tact

Blue Kyanite Creates protective shield, Aligns chakras, Clears energetic fields, Builds light bridge

Lazurite Reduces fear, anxiety & anger, Supports inner harmony, Positive uplifting energy

Lepidalite Stress relief, Restful sleep, Serinity, Emotional healing, Purification

Clear Quartz All purpose crystal, Amplifies other stones, Healing & protection

Rose Quartz Reduces stress, Stabilizes emotions, Emotional healing, Unconditional love

Smokey Quartz Offers clarity, balance & grounding, Dispels negativity, Mood elevator

Shungite Purifying, Restores vitality, Eliminates all that imposes a hazard on living things

Black Tourmaline Grounding & protective, removes negativity & disharmony, Reduces anxiety

Trolleite Releases fear, anger & pain, Soothing healing energy, Lowers stress, anxiety & tension

Be well and compassionate to yourself, as well as others!

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