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Chakra:  3rd Eye

Inner vision, soul retrieval, awakens inner knowledge, psychic & intuitive abilities, psychic protection, calms & clears the mind, eliminates debts, acceptance of responsibility, enables one to enjoy each moment, balances female & male, brings harmony, helps one change painlessly.

Indigo Gabbro

Chakra:  Root, All

Excellent for grounding in spaces that have a lot of chaotic energy such as busy offices or classrooms. Place stone in a space and feel it create a corkscrew vortex that bores into the earth creating a channel for the chaotic energy.


Amplifies the energy of other stones. Hold it in your dominate hand and another stone in your passive hand and feel it bath you in the energy.

Iridescent Pyrite (AKA: Rainbow Pyrite)

Chakra:  All

Enhances psychic abilities, Improved memory, Improves talents & skills, Strength of will, Optimism, Confidence, Mental clarity, Intensity, Awareness, Abundance, Honesty, Vitality, Vigor, Strength, Stamina.

Jade – Green

Chakra:  Heart

Health, abundance, loving kindness, attracts money & love, amulet of good luck, healing, protection, transmutes negativity, promotes confidence & self-assuredness, protective talisman, aids in dream-time, does not absorb negativity.

Jasper –General

Chakra:  All

Gentleness, relaxation, tranquility, comfort, nurturing, healing, astral travel, balance, awareness, closure, see specifics types for additional information.

Jasper - Bumble Bee

Chakra:  Sacral, Solar Plexus

Clears & energizes 2nd & 3rd Chakras, melds passion & purpose, increases power to overcome obstacles, brings intensity & inspiration to creative manifestation, promotes adventure, stimulates courage, assertiveness, endurance and concentration.

Jasper – Dalmatian

Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Removes disillusionment, strength, grounding, protection from nightmares, loyalty, joy, fun, playfulness, relaxation, removes barriers, supports long term relationships, releases depression, alleviates negative thinking.

Jasper – Desert (AKA Polychrome Jasper)

Chakra:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat

Good fortune, comfort, relaxation, tranquility, compassion, contentment, nurturing, consolation, ease stress, happy outlook, increase stamina, courage, stability, balance, stabilizes personal energy, adjust to change, animal communication.

Jasper – Leopard

Chakra:  Root

Taking action, thought, relieves fatigue, shaman travel, spiritual discovery, creative visualization, service to humanity, taking responsibility, successful business & work, assists with self-healing.

Jasper – Mook

Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Emotional protection, ageless spirit, youthful attitude, activates mind, raises energy of physical body, slows aging process, understanding patterns, recognizing emotions, clears unhealthy patterns, release of genetic patterns, communication with unborn.

Jasper – Ocean

Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat

Soothing, relaxing, balances emotions, peace of mind, increase patience, accept responsibilities, cooperation, positive perspective, protection from “evil-eye”, communication with sentient beings (dolphins & whales).

Jasper – Picasso

Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus, Third Eye

Meditation, peace, dissolves created blocks, stabilizes for change & transformation, renewal of lost friendships, nurturing, sustaining, supporting, wholeness, encourages celebration of life, enjoyment, relaxation, protection, facilitates dream recall.

Jasper – Picture

Chakra:  Root, 3rd Eye

Harmony, positivity, creative visualization, reveals hidden messages, connection with earth energies, inner journeys, connection with distant places, stabilizing, supportive, planetary conscious, connection with ancient civilizations.

Jasper - Red

Chakra:  Root, Sacral

Strength, vitality, stamina, eliminates negativity, balances emotions, stabilizes energies, stimulates Kundalini energy, release shame & guilt, heal sexual wounds, balances yin-yang energy, support during illness, regulates metabolism.

Jasper - Yellow

Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Strength & balance in social situations, protection during travel, protection during spiritual work, shields negativity, alleviates depression, stimulates positive energy, rectify unjust situations, prevents setbacks, realistic attitudes.


Chakra:  Heart

Health, wellness, joy, harmony, pleasure, abundance, wealth, prosperity, avoid greed, mastership of creation, removes belief of money as a measurement of worth, strength, heart health, supports nervous system, detoxification.


Chakra:  Root

Grounding, protection, purification, repairs aura, absorbs negative energy, explore negative patterns, assist one to reach full potential, protection from black magic, purifies toxins and waste from body.


Chakra:  Heart

Divine & universal love, emotional healing, reception to love & energy, opens the heart to love, kindness, serenity, eases stress, supports parasympathetic nervous system.

Kyanite - Black

Chakra:  All, focus Root

Grounding, energizing, deflects negative energy, energetic Healing, clears blocked energies, balance yin-yang energies, opens lines of communication, self clearing, insights, common sense, grounding in dream state, dream recall, self clearing.

Kyanite - Blue

Chakra:  All, focus 3rd Eye & Heart

Creates protective shield, builds light bridge, aligns Chakras, clears energetic fields, creates energetic pathways, promotes psychic ability & intuition, promotes transmission of information, enhances communication & arbitration, self clearing.

Kyanite - Blue-Green

Chakra:  All, focus Heart

Connect with wisdom, remove negativity, heal Mother Earth, clear & align Chakras, protection, calming, alleviate depression, helps see one’s true nature, supports right change, recognize old patterns, focus on highest good, self clearing.

Kyanite - Orange

Chakra:  All, focus Sacral

Creativity, sunshine, simple pleasures, renews passion, restores simple lifestyle, awareness of present moment, clears dysfunctional sexual energies, increases fertility, calms desire & guilt, self clearing.

K2 Jasper

Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Rare formation of granite with azurite & malachite, grounding, confidence, balancing, harmonizing, eliminates negativity, connection to Source & Guides, psychic awareness & intuition, excellent stone for energy workers.


Chakra:  All

Magic, divination, originality, spontaneity, protection, strength, perseverance, protects one’s aura, connect with unseen realms, protects during psychic travel, reveals unconscious & subconscious beliefs, reduced anxiety & stress, assists digestion.


Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye

Inner vision, truth, honest communications, intuition, psychic abilities, visualization, insights, clairvoyance, precognition, joy, healing, fidelity, gentleness, uplifting, identify patterns that inhibit spiritual growth, past life exploration, self knowledge, stellar & Akashic records.


Chakra:  Throat

Calming, soothes emotions, relaxing, nurturing, self respect, balances active and passive nature, allows for clear communication and expression of emotions, release of fear & pain, connection with goddess energies and one’s feminine aspect. Excellent for use with upper respiratory infections, fever, and inflammation.

Lemurian Seed Quartz

Chakra:  All

Spiritual guidance, expanded consciousness, attune to guides, assist with feeling connected to higher power, connection at soul level, feminine energy, loving, freedom, access ancient Lemuria wisdom, amplify other stones and crystals.

Lemurian Seed Quartz – Tangerine

Chakra:  Sacral

Powerful life explorer, stimulates creative energy, directs energy using information embedded with the Lemurian recorded, improves circulation, assists with group creative endeavors, acceptance and understanding of new ideas, clears and focuses thoughts.

Lemurian Dream Crystal

Chakra:  All

Dream work, gentle inner journeys, shamanic practices, vision quests, soul retrieval, encourage inner development, attunement to guides, gentle, supportive energy, life affirmation, encouragement, connectedness.

Lemurian Shaman Heart Crystal

Chakra:  All

Connects spiritual energy with human heart, opens channels for guidance, integration of higher consciousness on earth, expression of higher purpose in everyday life, shamanic practices, vision quests, soul retrieval, also see Lemurian quartz.


Chakra:  All, especially Throat

Referred to as peace stone, independence, protection, stress relief, restful sleep, serenity, purification, emotional healing, synchronicity, trust, calm, release of old patterns, release of addiction, good luck, success, find peace with who we are both physically and spiritually.

Lithium Quartz

Chakra:  All

Soothing, calming, inner peace, peaceful sleep and dreams, calms the mind, release attachment to outcomes, reduces worry, live in the present moment, excellent for meditation, opens the heart, calms children at bedtime.

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