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Chakra:  Heart

Stone of prosperity, love, compassion, healing, abundance, opens heart to forgiveness, trust & love, awakening to divine love, courage, patience, intuition, wisdom, protection against psychic attacks, reviving passion, good self asteem.

Elestial Quartz

Chakra:  All

Ideal stone for spiritual students. Information library, angelic communication, spiritual understanding & growth, divine love, grounding, regulates energy field, dissolves crystallized emotional patterns, healing of the skeletal system.


Chakra:  All

Raises the vibration of denser energies, stimulates positive action in one’s physical life (walk the talk), gentle release of negative patterns, reduces excessive sarcasm & judgmental thoughts, overcoming hopelessness and fatalism, dissolves physical blockages such as gallstones, tumors, and constipation.


Chakra:  Root, Heart

Self-love, emotional healing, opening and following the heart, supports overall health & vitality, increased life force, evokes synchronicity, psychic protection, dispels jealousy, assists in learning to trust oneself.

Faden Quartz

Chakra:  All

Healing the etheric body and auric field, catalyzing physical healing, all-purpose, programmable healing stone, aids in healing emotional body, facilitates spiritual healing, awareness of past and future Earth changes, premier healing stone of quartz family, consciousness expansion.

Fairy Stone (aka calcite fairy stone)

Chakra:  Root, Crown

Found only in Quebec Canada, embodies nurturing earth energy, helps recovery from chemotherapy & radiation, reduces fevers, heals wounds, psychic protection, emotional well-being, heals trauma, dispels anger & negativity.


Chakra:  Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Heartfelt communications, deep understanding of genetic & karmic patterns, recognition of one’s purpose, self expression, self awareness, personal harmony & balance, conflict resolution, reduces irritability.


Chakra:  All

Energizes, aura cleanser, structure, Focus, insight, analytical abilities, reduces emotionality, diminishes stress, attune to higher guidance, remedies confusion, overcome fear of future, cleanses & balances energies, grounds & protects the aura, balances hormones.


Chakra:  Heart, Throat, Crown

Healers stone, helps healer see more clearly when working with clients, sparkling radiant energy, helps access information using one's intuition, encourages responsibility for one's own health & growth, assists with moving forward in one's life, helps make contact with natural spirits and elemental beings.


Chakra:  Root, additional Chakras by variety

Fidelity, passion, faith, devotion, strength, determination, enhances imagination, balances energy flow, uplifts emotions, calms anger, utilizes creative energy, manifestation, support, joy, additional by variety.

Golden Healer

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

Master healer, golden ray energy, universal life force, connect with divine spirit, source, creator, dissolve & release blockages, cellular balancing, restores natural rhythm, adjusting to change, stimulates joy & curiosity, powerful, gentle, soothing.



Chakra:  Varies by color

Man-made mixture of glass, copper & jasper, used for centuries by Italian monks, luck, fortune, protection, grounding, nurturing, revitalizing, individualism, combats passivity/restlessness/excitability, wards off negativity, stimulates personal energy.Man-made mixture of glass, copper & jasper, used for centuries by Italian monks, luck, fortune, protection, grounding, nurturing, revitalizing, individualism, combats passivity/restlessness/excitability, wards off negativity, stimulates personal energy.

Green Apatite

Chakra:  Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye

New Hope, new love, new energy, new life, relaxation, revitalization, abundance, joy, hope, vitality, courage, heal issues with money, manifestation of visions, emotional well being, perceive & heal emotional issues, heart-felt knowledge.

Green Opal

Chakra:  Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart

Insight through the heart, creativity, inspiration, rejuvenation, peace, energizes without over stimulation, brings meaning to life, renew relationships, stimulates dreams & day dreams, manifestation of true desires, strengthen immune system.

Green Quartz

Chakra:  Heart

Healing, prosperity, success, repels negative vibes, stimulates creativity, teaches living from the heart, opens Heart Chakra leading to generosity, empathy, collective consciousness, cooperation, honesty, enhances energy healing, good for lungs, Endocrine Glands, Heart & Adrenals.


Chakra:  Root, magnetized-All

Grounding, trust, stabilizing, manifestation, strength, courage, fortitude, self-confidence, focus on physical, balances polarities, male & female energies, work with high vibrations while grounded to earth, see silver-lining, support during adversity.

Hematoid Quartz

Chakra:  All

Removes negativity by transforming it into positivity & pure Universal light of love, balances body, mind & spirit, brings clarity & understanding to emotions, assists in self esteem, focus & concentration, grounding, balancing, calming, aligns Chakras, closes energetic loop between Root and Crown Chakras.

Herkimer ‘Diamond’

Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Dreams, visions, intuition, astral travel, time travel, spiritualization, exploration, expanded awareness, openness to alternatives, purification, refinement, clears the emotional body, removal of energetic cords, mental clarity, awareness, integrates radiation therapy in a healthier way.

Honey Calcite

Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye

Joy, confidence, motivation, happiness, contentment, manifestation, creation, amplifies energy, supports change, enhances psychic abilities, improves memory, balances sacral & solar plexus Chakras, connection to universal golden light.


Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown

Memory, knowledge, progress, reasoning, observation, discernment, patience, tact, calm communications, eliminates pain/stress/rage, emotional expression, builds innate decency within one’s character.

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