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African Jade

Chakra:    Heart

Balances emotions, inner strength, courage, confidence, wisdom, motivation, pure thoughts, creativity, brings visions into reality.


Chakra:    All, based primarily on color

Healing, strength, good luck, prosperity, acceptance, courage, balance yin-yang energies, emotional strength, calming, self confidence, dispel insomnia, enhanced creativity, strengthens intellect, protector of children, love, romantic fidelity.

Agate - Moss

Chakra:  Root, Heart

Energy, healing, success, stability, grounding, persistence, manifestation, peace, gardening, nature awareness, hold clear vision of one’s dreams and desires, opens communication with natural beings, divas & fairies, stabilizes emotional drama, reduces wild mood swings, improves digestion.

Agate - Tree

Chakra:  All

The stone of plenitude, protection, safe travel, loyalty, tranquility, fullness & abundance, connection to earth, inner stability, composure & maturity, security, self-confidence, family connections, pregnancy & post-natal health, courage to start over.


Chakra:  Heart, Throat

personal truth, walking one’s talk, heartfelt communication setting boundaries, harmony, pacification, enhanced communications concerning love, soothing to nerves, heal trauma & injury, balances thyroid & adrenals.


Chakra:  Sacral, Solar Plexus

lifts the spirits, energizing, grounding, increased vitality, stamina absorbs negative energy, helps body heal itself, coping with depression, memory loss, decision making, draws disease from body, fights infections & respiratory disease.


Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

Psychic protection, stone of spirituality & contentment, clears aura, mediation, stability, peace, invigoration, strength, fortitude, purification, release of addictions, clear decision making.

Amethyst - Hourglass

Chakra:    Crown, Third Eye, Heart

Location:  Boudi, Morocco

Master teacher, connect with divine spirit/source/creator, balance, understanding, efficiency, bridges wisdom of Spirit with wisdom of Heart, self reflection, compassion for others, freedom within group.


Amethyst - Banded

Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

Clears aura, meditation, spirituality, peace, contentment, stability, strength, psychic protection, also see Amethyst.

Amethyst - Las Vegas (aka Vera Cruz)

Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

High vibration, excellent for mediation, Detached focus, psychic protection, spirituality, contentment, stability, peace, vitality, determination, purification, release of addictions, spiritual decision making, also see Amethyst.

Amethyst - Phantom

Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

Spiritual growth, clearing past life and blocked issues, personal growth, inspiring release of past, meditation, use under pillow when sleeping, great for crystal grids, aligns out of balance energy flow that affects the aura.


Chakra:  Crown, Solar Plexus

Combination of Amethyst & Citrine, stimulates intellect, mental & spiritual clarity, decisiveness, overcome fear of action, acting on divine guidance, disperses negativity, releases blockages(in all bodies), manifest divine ideas, stimulates brain, learning, memory.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus, root

Stability, survival, protection, flowing energy, stability, structure, past life meditation, spiritual journeys, release negative thoughts, stimulates instincts, charisma.

Angelite (aka Blue Anhdrite)

Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat

Stone of awareness, serenity, inner peace, calm, facilitates contact with your angels and spirit guides, raises conscious awareness, psychic protection, helps speak your truth, dispels fear/anger/anxiety, astral travel, enhances telepathy, heals skeletal system.

Apache Tear

Chakra:  Heart, Sacral, Root

Protection, grounding, emotional cleansing, stress reducer, assists with sadness & grief, helps with giving and receiving, removes negativity from life, good luck, clarify issues & gain insight, aids with muscle spasms, strength, stamina.

Apatite - blue

Chakra:  3rd Eye, green adds Throat & Heart, Gold adds Solar Plexus

Auric cleansing & balancing, past life exploration, dream enhancement, uplifting, creativity, reduces fear of heights, dissolves aloofness & negativity, stimulates clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience, soothes headaches, stimulates eyes.


Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye, green adds Heart

Inner vision, clarity, infuses aura with light, connection with angels, spirit guides, higher dimensions, dispels spiritual disillusionment.


Communication with natural beings, energies & kingdoms, hope, gentle energizing, detoxification of physical body.

Aqua Aura (bonded with gold)

Chakra:  3rd Eye, Throat

Peace, calm, relaxing, connecting with spiritual realms, facilitates channeling, calms emotional body, releases negative energies, communicate inner truth, release stress, sooth anger, smooths and clarifies auric field.


Chakra:  Throat, Heart

Clear communication, calms nerves, soothing, courage, reduces fear, calms anger & hysteria, release old patterns, take responsibility for one’s actions, stimulates desire for greater knowledge, quiets nervous system, reduces fluid retention.


Chakra:  All

Energy balancing, emotional healing, patience, acceptance, delegation, concentration, discipline, reliability, calming, centering, strength, confidence, increased vitality, stamina, bone regeneration.

Argonite - White

Chakra:  All (especially crown)

Angelic communication, spiritual awareness, intuition, higher insights, clear ideas & concepts, connection to higher knowledge, patience, acceptance, concentration, calming, centering. (Also see Argonite).

Aventurine - Green

Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

Healing, purification, centering, creativity, hope, joy, optimism, vitality, stimulates life force, confidence, attracts money, good luck, embrace change, success, release attachments to outcomes, self forgiveness.


Chakra:  Crown, 3rd Eye

Intuition, insight, vision, clears the mind, stimulates thinking, clarifies dreams, aids with clear meditation, dissolves darkness, moves subconscious thoughts to conscious, eases joint problems, stimulates thyroid, reduces sinus disorders, removes skin impurities.

Black Moonstone

Chakra:  Root, 3rd Eye

Protection, grounding, patience, support, closure, repeals negative energies, neutralizes spells, learning disabilities, inner vision, psychic ability, connection to earth energies, past life recall, exchange of wisdom, cleansing subtle bodies, rational decision making.

Black Onyx

Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye

Inner strength, will power, focused attention, reason, enhanced self-control, self-mastery, discipline, appropriate use of power, protection in conflict, defend against negativity, centering & alignment with higher power, strengthens legs & feet.

Black Tourmaline

Chakra:  Root

Grounding & protection, purification & balance, removes negativity & disharmony, transforms negative energies, reduce anxiety, worry, stress & obsession, purifies toxins and waste from body, double terminated are somewhat rare and aligns and stimulates energy flow.


Chakra:  Root

Strength, courage, purification, vitality, attracts wealth, dispels anger, centers & grounds heart, supports right actions, self-sufficiency, connections to divine, general health, cleansing blood and bone marrow.

Blue Apatite

Chakra:  3rd Eye

Psychic activation, access to subconscious, creative problem solving, stimulates dreams, awareness in dream state, exploration of past lives& parallel lives, understanding karmic patterns, uplifting, reduces fear, gin higher perspectives, reduces headaches & migraines.

Blue Calcite

Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye

Psychic ability, meditation, spirituality, astral travel, calming, release stress, centering, grounding, teacher of humanity, positive thoughts, expression of creative ideas, improves lungs and respiratory system.

Blue Chalcedony

Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye

Calm, balance, rational communication, thoughtful interactions, calms anger & irrational behavior, channeling, repairs leaks & tears in energy field, soothes sore throats and throat related disease.

Blue Dyed Magnesite

Chakra: Heart, Throat 

Instills deep peace, relaxation, meditation, unconditional love, connecting with spirit guides/angels/evolved beings, emotional healing, honest emotional expression.

Blue Halite

Chakra:  All, primarily 3rd Eye & Crown

Clairvoyance, activates psychic abilities, connection to spirit, cleanses aura, clears & balances Chakras, aligns & grounds energy fields, clears emotional body, compassion without attachment, cleansing circulatory & lymphatic systems.

Blue Hemimorphite

Chakra:  Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye

Protection, accountability, self-development, links to Higher Self, realistic goals, enlightens emotional body, resolving emotional issues with relationships, connecting heart-to-heart, dream work.

Blue Lace Agate

Chakra:  Throat

Communication, clarity, confidence, articulate speech, sharing highest truth, soothing, calming, gentle, soothe overactive mind, calm overly stimulated children, helps shy people speak up, calms addictive talkers.

Blue Topaz

Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye

Verbal communication, calming, soothing, relaxing, mental clarity, visualization, understanding of deepest truths, understanding of complex thoughts & concepts, integration of life lessons, knowledge from experience, aquatic communication, magnifies psychic abilities.


Chakra:  Root

Assists with indecisiveness & lack of self belief, heals hurts & injuries from the past, assists with absorption of minerals into body, helps anemia & blood disorders, restores energy levels in physically tiring jobs or lifestyles.


Chakra:  Varies by color

Meditation, spirituality, calming, centering, grounding, amplifies energy, matters of the heart, awareness & appreciation of nature, world teacher of humanity, balances assimilation of calcium with body, differing colors add additional properties.

Calcite - Orange

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus  

Creativity, sexuality, playfulness, confidence, balances hormones, aids sexual enjoyment, metabolic health, heals wounds related to sexuality/creativity/will.


Chakra:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Happiness, creativity, self-confidence, individuality, past life recall, dispels depression, stills anger & negativity, physical vitality, sexual stamina.

Cats eye

Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Throat

Happiness, serenity, protection, amplifies luck, stimulates intuition, enhances awareness, dispels unwanted energy, eye disorders, night-time vision, headaches, nervous system disorders.


Chakra:  Heart, Throat, Crown

Wisdom, peace, harmony, gentle healing, oxygenation, directs healing energies of other crystals, removes ego from healing process allowing pure energy to flow & heal, realization & transformation of self-limiting beliefs, communication with spirit guides/angel/higher-self, transforms images &thoughts into words.

Celestial Quartz

Chakra:  All

Record keeper, access to Akashic records, stimulates cellular release of information about the past, present & future, excellent alter stone, spiritual grounding, particularly effect during celestial cycles (lunar phases, eclipse, equinox, etc.), red is particularly beneficial as shaman stone & for connecting to earth energies.


Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Angelic communications, serenity, calm, peace, centeredness, uplifting, optimistic, energetic, trust, patience, acceptance, understanding, awareness, intuition, protective spirits, divine healing, excellent for awareness and protection during dream state.

Chalcedony - Blue

Chakra:  Throat, 3rd Eye

Calm, balance, centeredness, inner knowledge, release of inhibitions, clear communication of truth, enhances telepathy, past-life recall, spiritual counseling.


Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus, 3rd Eye, Crown

Stone of the spirit, enhances self esteem, accelerates spiritual growth, security, soothing, warms the heart, guides through fears to perfect peace, changes loneliness to love, protection, healing, dispels negativity, access to past-life memories.


Chakra:  All

Grounding, protection, courage, embracing potential, discovering and achieving the souls purpose, helps women's reproductive organs & tissues, positive synchronicity, strengthens character, find and enjoy centeredness in present moment.


Chakra:  Root, Heart, Throat

Peace, love, attraction, gentleness, strength, soothes emotions, promotes wisdom, communication, sacred expression, goddess energies, governs sound healing, releases stress & anxiety, regulation of thyroid & adrenals.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus Heart

Growth, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, adaptability, altruism, balancing yin-yang energy, connection with nature, clarify problems, encourages hope & joy, water travel protection, home protection, quickens healing of wounds.


Chakra:  Root

Alchemy, magic, transformation, insight, wealth, mental agility, helps one to release anger 7 resentment, face truth courageously, clears toxins, helps overcome infections, stimulates dignity - vitality - power, extracts energy blockers, aids in weight disorders.


Chakra:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Success, abundance, prosperity, good fortune, dissipates negative energy, mental clarity, confidence, optimism, creativity, willpower, focus, alleviates mood swings, relieves anger, depression, self-doubt, balancing yin-yang energies, digestion, removes toxins.

Citrine - Smokey

Chakra:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Aligning Charkas, balancing yin-yang energies, stimulates mental focus & endurance, overcoming difficult situations, manifestation through intention, also see Citrine properties.

Citron (Form of Chrysoprase -lemon color)

Chakra:  Heart

Aligns charkas, balances yin-yang energies, attracts positive energies, facilitates meditation, acceptance of self and others, assists with depression & isolation.

Clear Quartz

Chakra:  All

All purpose crystal, programmable, amplify other stones, healing, protection, increased psychic ability, clarifying issues & problems, cleansing – alignment, clusters promote group energy, harmony, cooperation, and peace, see various formations for more information.


Chakra:  Root, Sacral, Heart

Stimulates healing, balances energy, adjusts polarities, activate & opens base & sacral Chakras, stabilizes & balances blood flow, increasing circulatory functions, used in treatment of arthritis bursitis and rheumatism, amplifies and conducts spiritual/psychic energies.


Chakra:  Root

Magnetic balancing, grounding, purify thoughts, channeling, bringing forth information and knowledge from the Higher Realm.


Chakra:  All

Psychic abilities, inner vision, transformation, bridging higher and lower worlds, inspires courage to take the journey through one's, inner depths, facilitates making evolutionary  leap to awakened consciousness.


Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Insight, awareness, visualization, inspiration, opens channels to guides, angels, higher self, creates clear meditative state, restores past life memories, stimulate creative vision, clears the auric field, overcome addiction to dramatic emotional states, brings harmony into the etheric & physical bodies.


Chakra:  Heart, Crown

Channeling of higher beings, angelic communication, connection with the divine heart, spiritual growth, excellent for meditation, soothes the emotions, calms anxiousness. Release of grief, anguish, fear, anger, resentment.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Heart, 3rd Eye, Crown

Emotional objectiveness, releases rears, hopelessness, grief & indecision, Helps identify with the current moment, assists with finding purpose and alignment with the Divine, see clear view of reality, stimulates connection with fairies, devas and other earthly entities, clears Heart Chakra.

Dogs Tooth Calcite(AKA Stellar Beam Calcite)

Chakra:  All

Fresh spontaneous thinking, clarity, creativity, imagination, problem solving, great for students, distance healing, meditation, inner peace, channeling higher ideals, directing energy, grounding, centering, reconciling relationships.


Chakra:  All

Calm, grounding, centering, moderation, serenity, relaxation, love, compassion, appreciation, teaches you are where you should be, there’s nowhere to go, removes significance of drama, assists with detoxification of the physical body.

Dravite (champagne Tourmaline)

Chakra:  Root, Heart

Self-healing, calming, self-acceptance, soothing, emotional strength, grounding & stabilizing inner self, helps with family issues, exposes negative patterns for release, brings helpful insights in meditation, brings awareness to victimhood for understanding.


Chakra:  3rd Eye

Connection to human consciousness, promotes mental discipline, enhances learning capacity, connection with guides, psychic abilities, clearing & aligning the Chakras, overcome fear & anxiety related to change.

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