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Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Heart

Growth, protection, enlightened leadership, business success, tranquility, sleep, creativity, confidence, manifest dreams into reality, reveals energetic boundaries, lifts veil of confusion, balances abusive patterns, overcome fear of being noticed, expression one’s self.


Chakra:  All (esp. Heart, Third Eye)

Psychic abilities, telepathy, transformation, cleansing, connection with guides, expanded awareness, protection, Chakra activation, accelerated spiritual evolution, kick starts spiritual development, throws light on one’s dark nature so that one may begin to accept one’s self.


Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Travel, self discovery, insight, dreams, mystery, patience, timing, understanding growth occurs in cycles, proper action at proper time, new beginnings, moon goddess, reconciled love, nurturing, objectivity, intuition, higher guidance.

Moonstone - Peach

Chakra:  Sacral, Third Eye, Crown

Soothes depression & anger, eliminates worry & fear, relieves stress, acceptance, patience, positive love, introspection, intuition, higher guidance, clairvoyance, emotional support for sensitive or intuitive children, Goddess stone.


Chakra:  Heart

Compassion, divine love, angelic connections, kindness, acceptance, receptive to love, acceptance of vulnerability, protection through love, recognition of judgments, attract soul mate, deepens relationships, coping with grief, strengths the hearts energy field.

Obsidian – Black

Chakra:  Root

Grounding, protection, deflects psychic attacks, stabilizes energy fields, clears negativity, responsibility, release guilt, promotes emotional wisdom, reveals unconscious pattern, assists with understanding and integrating one’s darker nature, breaking negative patterns of self-abuse and addiction.

Obsidian – Blue-Grey

Chakra:  Root, Heart, Throat

Grounding, protection, absorbing negative energies, clairaudience, telepathy, gazing, scrying, grounding during dream work, understanding situations, discretion, contribution, understanding, compassion, emotional wisdom, removing disharmony, sadness, desire.

Obsidian – Gold Sheen

Chakra:  Root, Solar Plexus

Grounding, protection, manifestation, clarity, purpose, activates divine will, reduced stress through empowerment, reclaim personal power, conscious use of power, heal power abuse, strong earth healer, digestive disorders.

Obsidian – Mahogany

Chakra:  Root, Sacral

Grounding, protection, emotional healing, reveals limitations, clearing old self-destructive patterns, removes genetic patterns of abuse, fear, hatred, negativity, clears birth traumas, assists with transition from unworthiness into abundance.

Obsidian - Rainbow

Chakra:    Root

Grounding, Protection, Optimism, Hope, Alleviates Depression, Illumination, Emotional Protection, Removes dense energetic blockages, Grounding light into aura, Identify root cause of issues, Bridges darkness into light, Healing emotional issues.


Obsidian – Silver Sheen

Chakra:  Root, 3rd Eye

Grounding, protection, blocks psychic attacks, deflects negativity, protection during astral travel, insight, understanding, seeking truth, exploring mysteries, examining mystic beliefs, balancing life, perseverance, patience, excellent for scrying & gazing.

Obsidian – Snowflake

Chakra:  Root, 3rd Eye

Grounding, protection, courage, persistence, strength, will, insight, understanding, focus on details, investigation, tracking, attune to physical world, spiritual guidance, connection to nature & animal totems, overcome victimhood.

Opal(Common - white, green, pink, black, etc

Chakra:  All (varies with color)

Awakens psychic abilities, happy dreams, meaningful change, vision & dream work, stimulates spirituality, past life recall, promotes memory retention, comfort during child birth, purification, calms mind, emotional healing.

Orange Aura

Chakra:  Sacral, Solar Plexus

Creativity, draws in energy of sunshine, simple pleasures, renewed passion, enthusiasm, vitality, zest for life, amplifies energies, sexual stamina, increases fertility, calms desire & guilt, restores self-image, confidence, creative power.

Peacock Rock (AKA Chalcopyrite)

Chakra:  3rd Eye, Crown

Synthesis of Chakras, life renewal, re-birth, release what is no longer useful, harmony, balance, renewed joyfulness, retain sacred knowledge, enhanced perception, seeing the truth, moves Chi, breaks blockages.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Heart

Attracts love, calms anger, prosperity, abundance, warmth, well-being, calms anxiety, soothes nervousness, receive with grace, communication with fairy/devic/earthly beings, animal communication, tobacco addictions.

Petrified Wood

Chakra:  Root, 3rd Eye

Steady growth, patience, inner peace, past life recall, ancient wisdom, overcome greed & excess, emotional balance, mental clarity, strength, grounding, recognize & overcome ancestral patterns, helps with back problems, also see agate.

Phantom Quartz

Chakra:  All

Protection, supports change & transition, new beginnings, support growth beyond current understanding, manifest new ideas, used to cleanse mother earth, Black Phantom – grounding, Green Phantom –support heart-felt changes, White Phantom –angelic information.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Throat

Spiritual activation, self transformation, intuition, insight, increases power of individual will, helps identify a way forward when one feels “stuck”, activates Chakra system, increasing energy flow, motivates one to take action to change their life, reduces fears of uncertainty.

Pink Tourmaline

Chakra:  Heart

Heart-to-heart connecting, unconditional love, love of humanity, love of self, friendship, humiliation, sympathy without attachment, patience, understanding, flexibility, reduces stress, alleviates panic attacks, aphrodisiac, calms chaos, quells fears.

Pink/Green Tourmaline

Chakra:  Heart

Serenity, joy, love, peace, calm, centered, shifts consciousness, strengthens love and compassion, reduces stress, calms chaos, quells fears, reduces unnecessary drama, focus and calm for hyperactive children, heals physical & spiritual heart.

Prasiolite (green amethyst)

Chakra:  Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, Crown

Awakening the heart, linking lower & higher self, deep connection with nature, initiates experience of higher self, facilitates joy in seeing the Divine in oneself and others, stone of Namaste.


Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Masculine energy stone, manifestation, knowledge, confidence, will power, creativity, vitality, increases mental capacity, promotes cooperation, eases anxiety/depression/frustration/false hope, promotes healthy sexual expression, improves circulation.

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